Attitude of Gratitude

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Living in Steamboat Springs, I sometimes take for granted the immense beauty that surrounds our town. Towering mountains, fields of green, bubbling brooks, pristine wilderness where you can get lost on a trail in the backcountry, and not encounter a soul.

2020 made me more aware of what we have here in Steamboat, and how grateful I am to live in this community. 2021 take note, I’m cultivating an attitude of gratitude, no matter what life throws my way, I’m going to find something to be grateful for!

Small Business Community

Variety is the zest of life and Steamboat living is definitely zesty! Colorful characters, gorgeous scenery, high altitude events and a plethora of dining options, keeps things interesting, all winter long. 

This zesty town feeling is partly due to how Steamboat Springs encourages entrepreneurs and supports small business incubation. I am grateful to have so many independent, small businesses available for my shopping needs. I like to support local products, artists, crafters and makers, when I can. At WildPlum, we are grateful for our community partners that bring variety and uniqueness to our store. 

From Caramels and Candles to Coffee and Kombucha, the vast variety of locally produced products is something to be grateful for and proud of! Check out just a few of these local items, crafted in our hometown. 

Altitude Snacks
Steamboat Coffee Company
Steamboat Salt Company
Heavenly Honey Caramels
Alpine Bee Candles
Steamboat Whiskey
Wave Brewing Co. Kombucha

Have An Attitude of Gratitude

2020 showed me that focusing on the little things in life and being grateful for simple pleasures, really boosted my mood and overall well being. Finding the silver lining when things get rough, allowed my attitude of gratitude to shine through. Here are few things that I found to be grateful for, that might have easily been overlooked as part of a regular day.

What little things are you grateful for? 

Katie Stassen Head Plum

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