The Ultimate Guide To Vodka: 5 Top-Rated Choices

Whether you consider yourself a vodka connoisseur or are just dabbling, we’ve got extraordinary options for every palate. 

Originally known as “bread wine,” vodka has come a long way since its 14th-century beginnings in Russia. While it’s the most widely used spirit for cocktails due to its neutral flavor, vodka is a star in its own right. 

From martinis to Moscow Mule’s… and let’s not forget “on the rocks,” we’ve selected 5 of our top-rated brands to make your cocktails nothing short of amazing. 

4 Local Vodkas You’ll Want to Try

1. Woody Creek Vodka

Origin: Basalt, Colorado

You’ve probably never described a vodka as “farm fresh,” but Woody Creek Vodka grows and harvests many of its own ingredients to make their award-winning spirits. Their vodka is made from home-grown Rio Grande potatoes which are mashed fresh and distilled once to create a rare and complex flavor. May we suggest a splash of cranberry juice?

2. Annika Jones

Origin: Loveland, Colorado

Made by The Family Jones, Annika Jones uses a grain bill of 60% hard winter wheat and 40% corn to create a full bodied, round, flavorful vodka with delicate floral and fruit notes, and a crisp, clean finish. Enjoy this spirit on its own or in your favorite vodka-based cocktail. 

3. Native Organic Colorado Vodka

Origin: Fort Collins, Colorado

With notes of rich dark chocolate, clean vanilla, and citrus, Native Organic Vodka provides a sweet, mild-vanilla scent and a vanilla-almond sweetness, and then finishes with a flourish of black-pepper heat. It’s pot-distilled from Northern Colorado maize and handmade with Rocky Mountain Water. 

4. Ski Town Vodka

Origin: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

What’s better for your apres ski cocktail than vodka distilled in our hometown? Made of Rocky Mountain potatoes, Midwestern corn, and Western Slope snowmelt, Ski Town Vodka is sweet, and creamy smooth. Enjoy a deep potato finish trailing into sweetcorn with a lasting smooth mouthfeel. 

Great… But Not Local

Tito’s Vodka

Origin: Austin, Texas

Tito built the first legal distillery in Texas in the mid-90s and is still crafting vodka in old-fashioned pot stills with a process similar to that used to make fine single malt scotches. Tito’s vodka is certified Gluten-Free and their Love, Tito’s program supports nonprofits around the country. 

Vodka at WildPlum

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