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Take The Detour

Yup, in the age-old fall tradition, Steamboat roadwork is everywhere. And the roads leading to our store are once again under construction.

Don’t let the mountain detour scare you!

Village Drive is closed for the next six weeks – but WildPlum is still open for business!

Parking is highly accessible

Just follow the detour signs, and visit us. It’s only a minute out of the way. We promise, it’ll be worth your effort.

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Steamboat Restaurant Week Has A Lot to Offer!

Come visit SBS and see why our Restaurant Week is one of a kind.

There’s nothing like a great meal, at altitude, with good friends. Now you can try special menus and discounted rates – you can literally eat your way across town.

And if you are coming to town, don’t forget to stop by WildPlum to check us out. We have all you need to make your stay in Steamboat extra special.

Ice cream
Hot sandwiches Deli
Grocery essentials

And we even deliver.

Call our friendly staff and let us know what we can help you with.

For full list of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week, click here

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It’s Happening! Steamboat’s Gone Gold.

(It’s ALMOST as exciting as going snow white)

Fall in Steamboat at WildPlum Grocer really is magical. Whether you’re a visitor to the area, or a local, this fleeting season is enjoyed by all.
We have all the essentials for a fall drive or picnic. Cheeses, bread, fruit, wine, desserts…. get to WildPlum today for all your grocery, deli, and liquor store needs.

Or join us on our fantastic patio and enjoy one of our barista-made coffees, burgers, hot deli-sandwiches, or gourmet pizza. Our patio boasts the best views of the mountains with warm mornings and afternoon shade.

Coming to Steamboat for a long weekend? Let us stock your condo or rental with all the goods! We even deliver liquor.

Back to the fall leaves.
Did you know the Aspen tree is indigenous to Colorado? It prefers sunshine and cooler temperatures, making it a perfect Colorado mountain tree. The Aspen or as it’s sometimes called the Quacking Aspen, is named for the small leaves that appear to quake or tremble. Even the infamous town of Aspen (a great town, but no competition for SBS) was named in honor of the tree. The sounds and Aspen makes in the breeze is like no other.

Get to Steamboat and WildPlum today, because just as quickly as the gold leaves came, they will be gone. And let’s face it, our patio isn’t as much fun when the snow is falling.

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Steamboat is Hoppin’ This Labor Day!

The weather is perfect up here. Head to the mountains and escape the city heat.

Let WildPlum help you stock up for all of your weekend fun.

We’ve got you covered! Try our take away meals, full deli and grocery! And we can even deliver groceries, pizza, liquor – virtually anything in our store can be delivered right to you.

Coming for a long weekend? We can even stock your condo or house before you arrive! (Order Online: Grocery Gals)

Stop in our store anytime this weekend to get delicious made to order hot sandwiches and pizza – even burgers. And our patio will be full of ice cream eaters. Join us!

Other fun things to check out in Steamboat this weekend….

Air shows! Live music! Movies on the mountain!

Click here to see all the full calendar of Steamboat events.

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Three Dirty Words Back To School

Unless you happen to be a parent GLAD to have the kids back to school (and not whining about how bored they are).

Either way, back-to-school does tend to disrupt the house with early morning alarms, homework, school supplies, lunches (and the dreaded to buy or pack dilemma), and also finding time for dinner.

Well WildPlum has a lot of great options for busy Steamboat families.

Did you know we carry muffins, breakfast sandwiches, and salads prepared in our kitchen daily?

And don’t forget we have the best pizzas in town… and we can even deliver an adult beverage with that pizza! Yes, you heard us correctly… WE CAN DELIVER BEER, WINE AND SPIRITS. What better way to get through your kids’ tough homework night than a nice chilled wine or beer?

IF you prefer, stop in and we can prepare a fresh hot sandwich or burger – they’re delicious. And you can even treat the kids to our new hand-scooped ice cream. We have a patio with gorgeous views and in-store dining tables.

Get to WildPlum today – where there’s a little something for everyone to get through back-to- school.

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You Scream. I Scream. We ALL Scream for Ice Cream.

Literally ALL of you have screamed for WildPlum to add hand-scooped ice-cream to our grocery, deli and liquor store offerings. Okay, okay we got the message! Ask and you shall (finally) receive.

We can’t tell you how many people walk into WildPlum on the coldest, snowiest day looking for ice cream, so this July we took the icy plunge. We’ve rearranged our glass cases to accommodate for our new 15 flavors of premium, hormone-free ice-cream, made exclusively by Cascade Glacier in Oregon. Come check it out!

You like simple ice cream? No problem, we have old standards like Vanilla and Strawberry. Looking for something more exotic – try our Lemon Meringue Pie or Maui Waui Sherbet. Want a fancy cone, or even a freshly-made ice cream cookie sandwich? YUP, we got those too.

Flavors rotate depending on season. Currently you’ll find:

Cotton Candy
Moose Tracks
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Caramel Pretzel
Party Animal
Caramel Praline
Espresso Explosion
Lemon Meringue Pie
Maui Waui Sherbet
Cookies & Cream
Birthday Cake

Ice-cream Fun Facts:

• Did you know that the ice cream industry in the US contributes almost $40 billion to the national economy? That’s a lot of scoops.

• Ice cream brings more than 188,000 jobs to communities across the nation (according to Dairy Delivers).

• Perhaps most impressive, the majority of ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturers have been in business for more than 50 years. That’s a lot of longevity, and can likely be tied to America’s passion for Ice Cream.

Apparently people in Steamboat have that same passion, because we’ve been scooping a lot of ice cream! A lot! One benefit is we get to see many smiling faces coming back every day. Another side benefit, we’re building up muscles from all that scooping.

Whether it’s January and you need apre ski pick me up, or its August and you need a sweet treat to cool you off, Ice Cream at WildPlum is the way to go.

We are located in the HighMark Tower at the base of the mountain, steps from condos and homes. We’re also a fully-stocked grocer and liquor store.

Stop for lunch or dinner too – our fresh sandwiches, burgers, pizza, soups and salads are so satisfying you might skip the ice cream – ah who are we kiddin’, you’ll still want that ice cream. Who can blame ya?!

Hand-scooped Ice Cream Now Available at WildPlum

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