Coffee Steamboat Springs Style

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WildPlum is constantly in search of unique products to add to our inventory and we get especially excited when we are able to carry local products! In this blog we would like to introduce you to Steamboat Coffee Company; this locally roasted coffee fills your mug when you stop in for your morning cup at our coffee bar.

Coffee Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Coffee Company is passionate about bringing a great tasting, locally roasted cup of coffee to everyone in The Boat. They believe in sourcing quality coffee beans from around the world and then adding a bit of altitude and fresh mountain air to each batch they roast. Their beans come from Central America, South America, Asia and Africa. For coffee geeks, they have single origin blends on rotation which brings home the depth and flavor of the country of origin.

Roasting Coffee Beans

Living life at an altitude of approximately 6,700 feet above sea level means that the air is a bit thinner and the sky a bit bluer in our neck of the woods. But what does that mean for a coffee roaster? Well, with a little bit less oxygen and pressure in the air, Steamboat Coffee Company roasts their beans at a lower temperature for a shorter amount of time. This avoids scorching beans that can happen when the initial temperature is too high. 

A shorter roasting time brings out the nutty, chocolatey or citrusy flavors and ensures no bitter, scorched taste. Life and coffee are sweeter at a higher elevation!

A Perfect Cup of Jo

At WildPlum, our coffee bar is always serving up your favorite coffee drinks. We love to see our neighborhood friends drop in for a cup before work or for an afternoon pick-me-up.  If you are an espresso lover, we use Steamboat Coffee’s Avalanche Espresso blend to create our espresso drinks at WildPlum. Bold and robust, a shot of this will get you moving! The beans are a mix of Central American and African beans and according to the reviews on Steamboat Coffee’s website, you are in for a fabulous flavor profile if espresso is your drink of choice!

Coffee To Go

Our coffee bar is serving up drinks all day so you can get your caffeine fix morning, noon, or night. Sip it on our patio or get it to go. If you are visiting from out of town and want to enjoy the flavors of Steamboat when you get back home, pick up a bag of your favorite flavor at WildPlum or if you forget to grab some while you are visiting, you can order your favorite blend online at

Photo courtesy of Steamboat Coffee.

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