Colorado Fall Foliage

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Do you feel a crispness in the air? 

After the heat of summer, brisk fall days are a welcome respite. Along with cooling temperatures comes the much anticipated season of leaf peeping! Fall foliage bursts onto the scene bringing with it glorious colors of crimson, bright yellows and blazing reds. 

Leaf Peeping Season

The fall season seems to slip in like a silent breeze and is then gone, way too soon. You have to be quick, or you just might miss the spectacular colors that hide around every bend. Finding the best fall colors can become a treasure hunt, with loads of jewels dripping from every branch and bush. Before heading out on your adventure, we recommend searching local advice, as weather patterns determine the rate of fall foliage colors and scenery differs every year. 

Below are a few areas around Steamboat that usually put on a great fall foliage show. 

Steamboat Springs Fall Foliage 

The Yampa River Core Trail is easily accessed from Steamboat Springs and follows the Yampa River, winding through willows and cottonwoods that blaze with various golds and reds.

The Yampa River Preserve  is 30 minutes west of Steamboat and includes a hiking trail that is popular with birders. Visitors can stroll along the trail through beautiful cottonwoods and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Rabbit Ears Pass provides glimpses of color that can be seen from Highway 40. There are many trails off the highway for the adventurous. Since this area is a higher-altitude, leaves can change at a different rate from lower elevations. Check for guidance on the best time to visit for peak color.

Buffalo Pass is a short drive from Steamboat and also at higher elevation. Check weather before venturing out as the snow flies early here! Aspen groves, ferns and shrubs add pops of color along this route.

Fall Picnic Ideas

When planning for your leaf peeping adventures, don’t forget to pack snacks or a picnic. Throw in a blanket and maybe a beverage or two and plan to spend an afternoon lounging under the golden leaves. If you are travelling through or from Steamboat, WildPlum has stocked the perfect picnic provisions for kids and adults.

However you choose to enjoy the last fleeting moments of fall before winter kicks in, find time to relax, unwind and enjoy the splendor!

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