Colorado Trail Hike Live Updates

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WildPlum Co-Owners Kori & Barry Embark on Colorado Trail Hike

Here in Steamboat Springs, nature is our backyard. As Steamboat residents, Kori and Barry are avid hikers and ardent outdoor enthusiasts. This summer, they wanted to completely submerge into the wilderness by embarking on an epic month-long journey on the Colorado Trail, spanning 567 miles between Denver, CO and Durango, CO.

Follow along on this blog for live updates about their summer journey along the gorgeous Colorado Trail with their good friend and trusty four-legged companion, Maddie. Are you ready to share in the Goodness Elevated™?

June 25, 2021: Hike Preparation

Below is the tent we’ll be bringing, which is quite roomy, and these massive bags of freeze-dried rations which will consist of all our meals out on the Colorado Trail. We are itching to get going!

Hiking Trip Colorado Trail Tent
Colorado Trail Hike Rations

June 28, 2021: Our Hike Begins!

Perfect weather and Maddie is loving it so far!

June 28, 2021: First Text Update from Kori & Barry

“Hi all! Maddie, Barry, and Kori here. Made it to our first stop. Sore, but good. Scenery was great today.”

June 30, 2021: Thunderstorm on the Colorado Trail

“Morning all! We had to hunker down for a thunderstorm last night. Hiked a bit this morning. Taking a short break to let the tent dry.”

July 1, 2021: More Thunderstorms!

“Hi! It’s Kori and Barry here. Just weathered a huge thunderstorm. Luckily we already had the tent up, so we stayed dry.”

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