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What to make for dinner? Some nights, easy is all that will do. 

But often, you may find yourself staring into an empty cupboard or gazing into a refrigerator that only holds random condiments and moldy cheese. 

Maybe you are returning home after a day out hiking or pulling into your condo after a long drive; in both cases, you are hungry for something that tastes good but requires little effort. WildPlum carries just the thing to fix your cravings and satisfy everyone’s tastes. 

Let us help you create dinner in less than 15 minutes!

We’re talking, Spaghetti Carbonara! 

Stress-free Grocery Shopping

Recipes abound online for making this simple, yet tasty dish of spaghetti, eggs, bacon, parmesan and a little garlic. WildPlum carries the perfect ingredients for this meal. Plus, convenient parking and plenty of in-store space make getting in and out with your groceries, stress-free and speedy.

Easy Grocery Shopping List

Cage-Free Local Eggs

You can find local Hayden Fresh Eggs at WildPlum for your Spaghetti Carbonara and you’ll even have a few left over for breakfast! Hayden Fresh Farm is a family run farm where the chickens are cage free and never given any hormones or antibiotics. The eggs will add a bit of local Steamboat flavor to your meal! WildPlum also carries the value priced Hickman egg brand.

Spaghetti Carbonara + Wine = Dinner Done Right

WildPlum has an extensive wine and spirits collection; there is a bottle that will please everyone’s palate and wallet! For this dinner we recommend the Macon-Charnay, a chardonnay from Burgundy, France, that features a fresh, fruity and floral taste. This wine is from Mâconnais, a region found in the southernmost region of Burgundy, bordering Beaujolais. Mâconnais is sunnier and warmer than the rest of Burgundy. 

Sustainable producer Jean Manciat, is responsible for the fine flavor of Macon-Charnay; the grapes are hand-harvested, whole-cluster-pressed, naturally fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, which produces the clear, fresh flavor profile. 

Treat Yourself Tonight

Whip up this easy, flavorful dinner, pour yourself a crisp, cold glass of wine and relax on your deck, patio or at your dinner table. Wherever you choose to eat your home cooked meal, take time to relax and enjoy!

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