Dry Land Distillers

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“Our goal is to authentically showcase Colorado’s lands in our spirits. There’s a lot more to Colorado than just the mountains.”

— Nels A Wroe, Co-Founder

Dry Land Distillers located in Longmont, Colorado, was recently awarded “Colorado Craft Distillery of the Year.” And lucky for the town of Steamboat Springs, WildPlum carries Dry Land spirits; in fact, WildPlum is the ONLY store in the valley to carry these locally produced spirits, as Dry Land does not currently distribute. Dry Land Distillers specializes in creating craft spirits with ingredients grown and foraged in Colorado. 

“The journey to create these spirits is not easy. The ingredients are finicky, prickly, hard-to-find and expensive, but the results are spectacular. And the spirits they create are borne of the land and environments that created them: complex, rich, sweet and earthy.” 

Watch Dry Land Distillers Virtual Tour. This Colorado distillery’s award-winning spirits include two rare single-grain wheat whiskeys, a mezcal-like prickly pear, a cane rum and a 100% native Colorado gin.

Quarantini Recipe

Dry Land Native Colorado Gin is made using only native Colorado botanicals. 

“This was a difficult endeavor as Colorado is very limited in the range of useful plants, and many are elusive – several are considered weeds, and others aren’t grown commercially by anyone (until now). It’s a careful balancing act between finding these plants and protecting Colorado’s wild places. (No foraging outside our urban landscapes.)”

This local Gin is perfect in a Dry Land original “Quarantini Recipe.”  As the Quarantini recipe originator states, “You’ll wish you were quarantined every day!”

Local Colorado Whiskey

Dry Land Distillers Colorado Antero Wheat Whiskey is an authentic Colorado spirit distilled from local grain grown 30 miles northeast of the distillery. It is a sophisticated, complex whiskey that has deep spicy notes balanced with caramel, vanilla, and black cherry highlights. It pairs wonderfully with steaks, rich pastas, and smoked or grilled meals. Try this Old Fashioned recipe to appreciate the depth in craft made spirit.

Prickly Pear Cactus Spirit

Dry Land Distillers creates their award-winning mezcal-style Cactus Spirit by shredding the cactus and smoking it at a low temperature for hours over a mesquite fire. This becomes the base of the Prickly Pear Cactus Spirit. If you are a tequila or mescal fan, we are willing to bet you will fall hard for this Spirit. The smoky, earthy taste profile makes a wonderful Mule. Try their original Desert Mule recipe.

Colorado Distillery

If you are visiting Steamboat and want to experience locally made spirits, Dry Land Distillery’s small batch, hand crafted creations are not to miss. These spirits would make great gifts, if you don’t drink them all yourself first! Local Steamboat friends, these spirits would add depth to your drink bar, just in time for ski season entertaining. 

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