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Coffee makes life better. More coffee please.

Coffee Makes the World Go Round

Take a coffee break. You deserve it!

Take a coffee break. You deserve it!

Mornings in the mountains are magical, especially when they start with a steaming cup of coffee. However you take your Joe, our barista is at your service, serving up locally roasted coffee creations, made to order. WildPlum is steps from the gondola, meaning you can jump off the bus and grab a cup on your way to stand in the lift lines or before you head out for your mountain adventure.

Big Iron Coffee

WildPlum proudly brews local beans from Big Iron Coffee. The Stampede Blend served at WildPlum is 35% dark roast Guatemalan coffee and 65% medium roast Columbia coffee. The two varieties blend together giving you a stampede of flavor!

A Perfect Cup of Joe

At WildPlum, our coffee bar is always serving up your favorite coffee drinks. We love to see our neighborhood friends drop in for a cup before work or for an afternoon pick-me-up. If you are an espresso lover, we use Big Iron Coffee’s Stampede blend to create our espresso drinks at WildPlum. Bold and robust, a shot of this will get you moving! The beans are a mix of Guatemalan and Colombian beans.

Coffee to go…anywhere.

Coffee to Go... Anywhere

Our coffee bar is serving up drinks all day so you can get your caffeine fix morning, noon, or night. Sip it on our patio or get it to go. If you are visiting from out of town and want to enjoy the flavors of Steamboat when you get back home, pick up a bag of your favorite flavor at WildPlum.

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