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Lunch | Dinner

Lunch | Dinner

My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch…I call it lunch.

Mountain Dining...So Good!​

Every Bite is Filled with Goodness.

Serving “Abundant Goodness” in the form of flavorful sandwiches, fish tacos, fish and chips, freshly made salads and pizza; there are lunch foods to please every palate. Our menu mixes unique ingredients with fan favorites, creating feel good flavors in every bite. Enjoy lunch on our patio or in-store. Call ahead and order your favorites to-go, however you choose to dine, be prepared for a culinary adventure.


Side of Bacon4 slices of house-cured bacon.$4.00
Shishito PeppersRoasted peppers seasoned with a citrus soy and sesame seeds.$7.00
Soup of the DayAlways fresh & delicious$6.00
Side of FriesSide of FriesFries sprinkled with cracked pepper and sea salt$5.00
Truffle Lavender FriesOur signature fries seasoned with lavender, local honey and truffle oil, sprinkled with cracked pepper and sea salt$14.00
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Chicken Caesar SaladGrilled Chicken breast on a bed of romaine lettuce with parmesan and croutons. Served with Caesar dressing.$11.00
Grapefruit & Arugula SaladGrapefruit, super seeds, lemon sea salt, and arugula mixed in olive oil.$8.00
Heirloom Tomato SaladHeirloom tomatoes, basil, red onion, feta and garlic tossed in oil and balsamic vinaigrette, served with focaccia toast.$11.00
Kale & Quinoa SaladKale, carrot, quinoa, onion, super seeds, and  dried cranberries, spritzed with apple cider vinegar.$8.00
Focaccia BLTHeirloom tomatoes, arugula, house cured bacon, cracked pepper mayonnaise, on Focaccia toast. Served with fries.$17.00
Classic Tenders4 Classic Tenders served with ranch dipping sauce.$13.00
Fireside SlidersGet 3 Sliders. Choose from beef, pulled pork, or BBQ jack (v). Served with a house-made pickle.$14.00
Avocado Focaccia ToastFocaccia toast topped with a house-made avocado spread. Served with a grapefruit arugula salad.$12.00
Belly Up TacosGet three house-made tacos on corn tortillas. Choose from tipsy fish, BBQ jack, pulled pork, or chicken. Served with a side of your choice.$14.00
California Chicken SandwichCalifornia Chicken SandwichShredded grilled lemon chicken, crisp apples, celery, shredded carrots and black pepper almonds folded in whole grain mustard aiol, served with a side of your choice$16.00
Tipsy Fish & ChipsTipsy Fish & ChipsLocal IPA beer battered sashimi grade tilapia. Served with a side of your choice, lemon caper tartar sauce and lemon wedges$16.00
Arugula Beet SaladArugula Beet SaladThinly sliced roasted beets, goat cheese, artichoke hearts, shredded carrots, red onion and arugula, garnished with sweet potato crisps, drizzled with apple cider vinaigrette. Add chicken | 4$16.00
Pesto Chicken SandwichPesto Chicken SandwichGrilled chicken breast on a fresh basil pesto base, topped with roasted tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and drizzled with a balsamic reduction served with a side of your choice$16.00
Chef's SpecialMarket price$5.00
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Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Tenders3 classic chicken tenders with ranch dipping sauce$8.00
Kids Grilled CheeseKids Grilled CheeseServed with chips or fries.$8.00
Kids Mac N CheeseKids Mac N CheeseNoodles smothered in a creamy American cheese sauce. Served with a side of your choice.$8.00
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Go Go Waffle PopsFreshly made waffles on a stick, coated with chocolate syrup or powdered sugar. Add chocolate for dipping | 1$6.00
Locally Made Ice CreamIce CreamFlavors: Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough, Moose Tracks, Strawberry$5.00
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Good Restaurants Near Me​

Did you google “Good Restaurants Near Me”? WildPlum is the answer! We have what you’re craving and new dishes to tempt your taste buds. The menu at WildPlum is anything but ordinary. Experience flavors you love and find new meals to explore. When you dine with WildPlum, you are invited to take a ride on a culinary roller coaster. From burritos topped with vegan green chili and fish tacos drizzled in sriracha aioli to pizza with a hoisin sauce and fries mixed with lavender, honey and truffle oil; get ready for a Wild Ride dining adventure!

ReLax & ReFresh

Vacation, staycation or weekend getaway, whatever the need, WildPlum is here to help you rest and rejuvenate. Leave the meal prep to us; we give you more time to enjoy the mountains with freshly prepared lunch and dinner favorites. Carry your favorite meals home paired with a wonderful wine or sparkling spirit.

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