Goodness Happy Hour

Goodness Happy Hour

An online gathering of good people and good spirits.

Why Limit Happy to an Hour?​

The selection of wines that grace the shelves of WildPlum will leave you feeling giddy with delight! What you will encounter is not your regular wine store. Our curated collection hails from all over the world and includes hard to find varieties. Stock up on your favorites or choose a combination of new bottles to sip your way through while you are on vacation. There is a taste and price to match everyone’s needs.

Why Limit Happy to an Hour?​

Our thoughts exactly! At WildPlum we serve Happy all day long. And we’re bringing some of that Goodness Elevated to our new Virtual Happy Hour gatherings.

On the third Thursday of every month, join our team for laughs, conversation and lots of insider gossip on what’s hot in the kingdom of wine and spirits. The best thing about a virtual happy hour is that you can invite friends and family from near and far to share a glass with you.

Happy Vibes​

From the comfort of your own couch or table, settle in with a selection of wines that you can pre purchase each month and will be discussed during the Virtual Happy Hour by a special guest. Purchasing the wines is not required, family and friends joining from a distance can pour any type of wine to sip throughout the hour and just enjoy learning about new varieties and flavor profiles.


Third Thursday of the month
4pm to 5pm (or a little earlier) MT | starts 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT


It’s Virtual. Join us on Zoom. All you need to do is register and we’ll share the link. Then join us on your computer or phone.

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Dry Land Whiskey - Heirloom Wheat

January's Tasting

Dry Land Distillers

List Price $90.00
(All 3 Bottles) 

WildPlum’s Spirits Pack

Save 15%
Get All 3 Bottles for $76.50

or Save 10%
Get 2 Bottles for $81.00


  • Native Gin 375ml $25

We will be tasting Beez Kneez featuring Native Gin. Beez Kneez Recipe

This gin uses only native Colorado botanicals, which was a difficult endeavor. Colorado is very limited in the range of useful plants, and many are elusive – several are considered weeds, and others aren’t grown commercially by anyone (until now). It’s a careful balancing act between finding these plants and protecting our wild places. (No foraging outside our urban landscapes.)

If you’re not a gin-lover, we encourage you to try Dry Land’s Native Colorado Gin—it’s a lovely experience for anyone on the fence about gin.


  • Heirloom Wheat Whiskey $35

We will be tasting a Rosemary Maple Whiskey Sour featuring Heirloom Wheat Whiskey. Rosemary Maple Sour Recipe

The Dry Land Heirloom Wheat Whiskey is distilled from an ancient grain grown in the middle of the parched lands of the American west. Dry Land Distillers is the only distiller in the country distilling the grain, and they create a single malt, single barrel 100% American wheat whiskey unlike any other. It has a rich, delicate and complex profile that makes it ideal for sipping straight or on the rocks. It is gently aged in light-to-medium charred new American oak barrels. The whiskey celebrates the vanilla, brown sugar, and cinnamon highlights from the barrel. The easy, rich nature of the whiskey belies the challenging environment it thrives in—a perfect representation of the land around us.

  • Aged Sugar Cane Rum $30

We will be tasting Hot Buttered Rum featuring Aged Sugar Cane Rum. Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

This Pure Cane Rum is made from raw sugar cane and sugar cane syrup sourced directly from a family grower in Louisiana. Dry Land gets as close to the sugar cane as they can (without being there). Rather than use processed sugar and molasses as most distilleries do, they use the sugars produced right from the cane – so it is as unprocessed as one can get. Plus, they crush the raw sugar cane itself and use it during fermentation to create a rich, vegetal nature typically only found in island-style agricole rums.

January 2020

Meet Your Hosts

Jen, Goodness Curator

Jen brings over thirty years of experience to WildPlum in the fields of marketing, product management, business development and sales management. She is the go-to source for all things creative and keeps the WildPlum staff organized, while adding a bit of zest and flair to all things Plum related.

When she’s not working, and it’s football season, you will find Jen cheering on her favorite NFL teams; she is an NFL fanatic and never misses a game! Jen keeps busy with her large family, she is one of nine children and has two teenagers of her own.

Erin, Spirits Goodness Maker

Erin has honed her craft of being a beverage expert through many years of bartending. She brings a wealth of knowledge to WildPlum’s spirits department and is always on the lookout for new and fun beverages to add to the vast array of wine, beer, liquor and mixers that stock the shelves of WildPlum.

When not curating beverages, you can find Erin mountain biking, rafting and ski touring with her dog Oats. Erin has lived in Nicaragua and enjoys exploring new places through camping and hiking.

Kelly, Spirits Aficionado

Kelly Dressman is Dry Land Distiller’s Brand Manager and Alchemist. Under her Alchemist role at the distillery, she helps craft bitters, vermouth-style spirits, and cocktail recipes that are served in Dry Land’s tasting room.

This role came naturally to her as she enjoys experimenting, replicating, and pairing flavor profiles thoroughly. She loves concocting things in the kitchen as well as behind the bar and engaging in any activity that helps expand her palate!

She has three children ages 9, 7, and 4, and loves getting outside to climb boulders, hit the slopes, and stand up paddle board with them (and solo when she has the chance!)

Tasting Sheet

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