Assistant General Manager

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Assistant General Manager

Position Summary:
The Assistant General Manager oversees management and profitability of the overall store. They coordinate all activities including management, customer relations, and marketing to ensure efficiency and profitability. Responsible for driving sales by engaging in outreach events, participating in marketing initiatives, and driving customer loyalty.  Requires significant experience in various facets of the restaurant and grocery industries.

Reports to: General Manager

Job Tasks:

  • Support and assist the General Manager in duties related to the successful operations of the establishment.
  • Establish purchasing specifications, product storage requirements, standardized SOP’s, pricing and waste control procedures.
  • Maintain effective inventory and shrink controls to meet profit goals.
  • Provide leadership and team building for staff.
  • Recruit, hire, manage and discipline staff.
  • Train new employees per the WildPlum training schedule and Operations Manual.
  • Train all personnel regarding the products we offer and why. Ensure all employees are familiar with all WildPlum standard operating procedures.
  • Ensure good safety practices of employees and guests throughout the property, assisting in the maintenance of proper emergency and security procedures.
  • Implement sales promotion programs, develop local sales and low selling product promotion throughout the store.
  • Ensure all displays are properly merchandised and well stocked
  • Maintain inventory accuracy by ensuring proper receiving, shrink management, and accurate ringing at the register
  • Schedule employees in conjunction with business forecasts and predetermined budget.
  • Participate in all marketing initiatives including
  • Represent the image and culture of Wild Plum and act as a role model for the entire staff.
  • Understand and follow all company policies and procedures and hold employees accountable for following them as well. Enforce all policies and procedures by administering prompt, fair and consistent corrective action.
  • Control cash and other receipts by adhering to cash handling and reconciliation procedures in accordance with company policies and procedures; assist G.M. in making daily bank deposits.
  • Fully understand and comply with all federal, state, county and municipal regulations that pertain to health, safety, and labor requirements of the restaurant, employees and guests.

Main Responsibilities, Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Customer Service: The Assistant General Manager serves as role model and sets the standard for employees to maintain high-quality and consistent customer service. This requires an advanced knowledge of industry best practices and customer service.

Communication:  This position requires a commitment to details both verbally and non-verbally, therefore, the Assistant General Manager must encourage cooperative and consistent levels of communication with kitchen staff, front-end staff and management. Must understand instructions, read written company memorandums and communicate with little or no additional direction.

Interpersonal Relationships: Must adapt to different personalities of clients, vendors and coworkers without losing focus. Must possess high professional ethics and avoid extreme familiarity or conflicts with others.

Leadership and Management: Must understand and practice motivational management techniques. Must use these skills in wisely placing qualified individuals into key management and supervisory positions.

Delegation: Delegate the appropriate tasks and manage staff workloads.

Training and Development: Provide for instruction staff members and coach employees to improve learning and enhance performance.  

Problem Solving, Quality Control and Priority Assessment: Must evaluate current practices and processes; immediately recognize potential areas of conflict; and initiate ways to improve current business methods, quality of products and services provided to the customers.

Conflict management: The Assistant General Manager must recognize a problem when it arises and be able to resolve it appropriately by using good judgement, tact and initiative according to company policy and procedure. Requires the often-unbiased mediation skills to handle all types of conflicts that will occur at all levels of supervision and the ability to negotiate effectively.

Information Gathering: Must identify and utilize internal and external sources to improve and maintain the company’s objectives.

Sales Techniques and Customer Influence: Must understand products and services, develop new prospects for opportunity, and understand customer needs clearly. Must also possess substantial experience and remain current in state-of-the-art sales methods. Must set and meet sales goals.

Performing General Physical Activities: Assistant General Manager must occasionally perform physical activities in a variety of environmental conditions that require moderate to maximum strength including sitting, climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, and handling of materials.

Analytical Skills: Must use logic and reason to identify solutions and alternatives for a successful outcome in many situations, including cost/benefit analysis; service and product quality; and conflict resolution.

Technical Skills: Must have experience and knowledge of budget analysis methods, general accounting skills and the ability to work in all areas of bar and dining areas relative to point-of-sale applications.

Flexibility: Must work overtime when needed and assist the workload of others.

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