Nature Calls, Steamboat Answers

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A Personal Note from the Owners of WildPlum

Hello. My name is Barry, and I am a co-owner of WildPlum here in Steamboat alongside my amazing wife, Kori. Last month, Kori told you about how we changed our lives forever a few years ago and moved to Steamboat, CO. In case you missed it, you can read that here.

We are truly living and breathing the mountain life now. The scenes of natural beauty, in all four distinct seasons, really have transformed our lives. Being connected to nature fills our souls with joy and a sense of purpose and wellbeing. If there is a word for this place, it is surely Zen*.

Here is a good definition:

“A path to fully awaken to your original nature, which is present right here, right now.“ (Always Well Within)

Are you ready for your awakening?

Endless Summer Zen

Steamboat is so much more than a skiing vacation town and I want to take some time to tell you why you should come visit us this summer.

Kori and I are both lovers of the outdoors in virtually every sense. We like hiking, skiing, camping, and even working outside around the house or having a casual dinner on the patio. You can get on google and find the best places to camp, hike, and ski, but there are some real gems here in town that you should also know about.

Steamboat nature

Here are a few of my personal favorite summer Steamboat nature activities:

Yoga on the Green

Three times a week in the morning from 9-10 am, the Yampa River Botanic Park hosts the most peaceful yoga in existence. You can’t even describe the view from the green in words, so I won’t even try. You just have to see it for yourself.

Naturalists at Fish Creek Falls

A perfect activity for families with kids, enjoy the Routt National Forest with a short, easy tour led by a Naturalist. I have always enjoyed learning about the local wildlife and ecosystem, and this is the best way to do that.

First Friday Artwalk

Take a stroll in historic downtown Steamboat Springs on a self-guided tour of local art galleries, museums and more. Kori and I love art, and there are some really talented artists here. Maybe it’s not a nature activity per se, but on a beautiful summer day you can’t beat it.

Eating on the Patio at WildPlum Eatery

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our business here! On a perfect summer’s day, enjoying pizza by the slice, a crisp salad, and an ice-cold draft beer on the fireside patio at WildPlum Eatery is the best lunch in town. The mountain views are unreal, and so is the pizza!

Explore Our Eatery

Our Community

The natural beauty of the mountains has always been an attraction for us, like a magnet pulling us closer as time passes. But, we also like having a community to be involved in. We like going to the grocery store and seeing the same faces. We like being “regulars” at our favorite restaurants. If you have ever seen Northern Exposure, you know what I’m talking about. People care about each other here, and the community is connected in so many ways.

When we first moved here, I just knew this place felt like home. What really made us feel like locals was how the community embraced us. The people here are friendly, interesting, and welcoming.

We always knew we wanted to disconnect from the hustling city life. We made that life change three years ago and never looked back. If you are reading this right now, here’s my advice: Take the first step and plan your vacation to Steamboat now – I promise you will not regret it.

Learn More About Summer in Steamboat

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