Nurture Your Soul with a Picnic

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Picnic delivery!

August is the perfect time for a picnic; there is a faint hint of fall in the breeze and evenings are drawing to close a little bit quicker, giving us an earlier respite from the day’s heat. Amid the COVID pandemic, picnics make visiting friends and socializing a safe way to share a meal.

Health Benefits of Eating Outside

Whether you are hiking into the mountains with a backpack or hitting the park with a basket, eating outside is good for the soul and for social distancing! There are scientifically proven benefits to eating outside, beyond enjoying fresh air and greenery.
  • Reduces stress by lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and decreasing stress hormones as well as muscle tension
  • Improves concentration, memory and attention span
  • Eating and just being outside can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can help in the reduction of chronic diseases

Easy Picnic Ideas

Stop by WildPlum and let us help you fill your basket or backpack with picnic pairings. We have something for every taste and diet; gluten free, vegan, meat lovers and carb counters, can all find goodies for their picnic meal at WildPlum. Here are a few ideas ranging from essentials to epicurean treats: And in case you were wondering, ordering a pizza and eating on the grass, is considered a picnic! Any excuse to get outside and share a meal with friends, counts as a picnic. 

Favorite Picnic Spots in Steamboat Springs

After you have packed your favorite foods, you are ready to find that perfect picnic spot. Luckily Steamboat is not lacking in picturesque picnic spots! Here are few to check out. Spring Creek Trail  Vista Nature Trail via the gondola Emerald Mountain Quarry Yampa River Core Trail However you choose to celebrate this picnic season, do it with good food and great friends. Get outside and enjoy those last fleeting moments of summer; feel the grass beneath your toes, the breeze through your hair and enjoy the smile on your face!

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