Organic Wine at WildPlum

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At WildPlum we are always searching for new and interesting products to add to our spirits and grocery departments. It’s fun to try something new, especially when it is in the form of great tasting wine! We’d like to introduce you to Blue Quail’s line of organic wines. We take great pride in the wines we specially curate for our store, and Blue Quail is a great example of our thoughtful selection process. 

Organic Farming

Blue Quail is produced by McFadden Family Vineyards and Farm, located in Potter Valley, California on the Russian River, many miles north of Napa and Sonoma counties. The family vineyard has practiced organic farming since 1970 and was certified by California Certified Organic Farmers in 1991. 

Organic farming on the McFadden farm means no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on the grape vines. The family also built a hydroelectric power plant on the Russian River in 1983 and in 2003, installed 300 solar panels, making McFadden Farm a net producer of renewable energy. Check out this picturesque video showing the farm and describing the organic growing practices. Caution! Watching this clip will make you want to pour yourself a glass!

Organic Wine

The values embraced by the McFadden Family Farm correlate with values that WildPlum holds dear as well; eco-friendly, sustainable, family run and pride in product and service. We thought this line of wines was a great match for our store and community.

Here are a few varieties you can find at WildPlum, along with their tasting notes.

Sauvignon Blanc: Bright and refreshing with ripe honeydew melon upfront balanced by a crisp acidity that sings off the palette. The perfect summer Steamboat deck wine.  

Pinot Gris: Showing tart acidity blending with melon and a slight spicy nutty note on both the palate and nose.

Chardonnay: A dry and bright palate that is fruit forward and built for food. The nose is fresh and bright with orchard fruit aromas and a touch of smoke and flint. Lush notes of ripe pear and apple blend with mouthwatering acidity to give backbone and verve.

Riesling: A single vineyard Dry Riesling is made in the Alsatian tradition from the oldest block of Riesling vines in Mendocino County. At 49 years young, this Riesling has bright peach and melon aromatics with plenty of floral notes. 

More Than Just An Organic Wine Brand

Since the farm is miles north from Napa county, the grapes ripen later. By the time the grapes are ready to harvest, many pickers have gone south for the winter. The MacFadden Family developed year-round work to solve this problem. The farm creates beautiful garlic braids in the fall, bay leaf wreaths in the winter and herbs and wild rice in the spring. This has led to an average employment tenure of twenty five years on the farm! Truly, a family and community run farm!

We invite you to explore the Blue Quail line of wines stocked at WildPlum. This is a wine that you will love to drink and knowing the backstory, you will love to purchase for family and friends.

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