“Our Fondest Memories of Steamboat” – A Personal Note from the Owners

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An Interview with the WildPlum Owners: Kori and Barry

Q: What is your first memory of Steamboat (AKA “Ski Town, USA”)?

Kori: My first memory was driving into town and seeing the wondrous Mount Werner casting its shadow over the town. I felt like I could just reach out and touch it, and that’s when I knew that this was the place for us.

Barry: I remember the first time I skied down Mt. Werner. Of course, I had heard about the Steamboat being “Ski Town, USA” with the famed “Champagne Powder” plenty of times, but experiencing it for myself was incredible. Skiing down that snow was (and still is) like floating on a cloud.

Editor’s Note: See the below excerpt about the origins of the terms Ski Town, USA and Champagne Powder.

“In the early 1950s, local rancher Joe McElroy coined the term “Champagne Powder®”. He was out skiing one sunny day on terrain that would eventually become Steamboat Resort. At one point, McElroy turned to a few friends and said the light, fluffy snow tickled his nose like Champagne.” (Source)

Ski Town

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in Steamboat?

Kori: For me, the outdoor activities are the best – skiing, hiking, camping, star gazing, tubing – I love it all! I also like taking a stroll downtown on a beautiful summer’s day, visiting the local businesses with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and river softly burbling, and doing some window shopping and dining at local restaurants and eateries.

There are so many amazing shops and art galleries to enjoy while walking the strip. Some of my favorite places to visit are the Steamboat Art Museum, Pine Moon Fine Art, Cowboys and Indians, The Homesteader, Ruby Jane Boutique, Overland Sheepskin Co., and Spur Ranch Jewelry, just to name a few.

Barry: There is something magical about putting on your swim trunks when it’s 10°F outside and plunging into the Strawberry Park Hot Springs for a good, long soak. Sometimes I’ll even get a massage while I’m there to relax and unwind even more.

Ski Town

Q: In choosing Steamboat, CO over other mountain towns, what made Steamboat the best choice?

Kori: For me it was definitely the people here. The skiing is world class, but that is the case with many other towns, too. The amenities are a close second – I just love everything downtown Steamboat Springs has to offer – but what made us want to stay was how friendly, smart, and cultured the people are in this town. We have made so many close friends and have really built a home here.

Barry: Obviously it’s the Champagne Powder, right?! I’m [mostly] kidding. That’s a tough question for me to answer, because for me it was just a gut feeling that I got when we first visited. There is something in the air here that makes it feel like the most special place on earth. I didn’t want to leave, and I still don’t want to leave. Every day here is like a dream come true.

Ski Town

Q: What is your favorite grocery item from the WildPlum Grocer, what is your favorite drink from WildPlum Spirits, and what is your favorite menu item at the WildPlim Eatery?


Favorite grocery item: Altitude Snacks Trail Blaze (perfect snack for hikes)

Favorite spirit: Frog’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon

Favorite menu item: Belly Up Tacos and Lavender Truffle Fries


Favorite grocery item: Big Iron Stampede Coffee (also available in the Eatery)

Favorite spirit: Brancacci Barolo

Favorite menu item: Personal Capri Pizza

Thanks for stopping by to get to know the WildPlum owners, Kori and Barry.

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