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You know what I struggle with the most during the holidays? It’s not eating too many cookies or hitting the wine too hard, it’s stocking stuffers! I am good with picking out the gifts that go under the tree and wrapping those up with big red bows, but I always hit a wall when it comes to finding those perfect stocking stuffers. 

Local Loot Under One Roof

This year I have a new plan, I’m going to stuff stockings for my mom, dad, aunts, uncles and friends with local Steamboat loot. And I’m going to find this loot at ONE store, to minimize my stress level. What store is that, you ask?  You guessed it, WildPlum! You may not think of this eatery and grocer as a place to find stocking stuffers, but I was amazed at the variety of local food, spirits and gifts that I could buy to stuff into stockings!

Stocking Stuffers for Mom

So here is what is on my list, for all those Moms out there!

  • Alpine Bee Candles are made from locally sourced beeswax and are free of carcinogenic chemicals and petroleum. These clean beeswax candles are lovingly crafted by the family-owned Alpine Bee company located in Steamboat Springs and fit perfectly in a stocking.
  • Heavenly Honey Caramels are made from 100% local honey, harvested in Steamboat Springs. No artificial sweeteners or additives are used, resulting in a delicious sweet treat that oozes Steamboat goodness. A well deserved sweet treat for mom!
  • Steamboat Salt Company crafts salts and seasonings through a sustainable and environmentally conscious process. Perfect for foodie moms or wannabe chefs, these seasonings add a bit of flair to any dish. 

Stocking Stuffers for Dad

My Dad is the hardest guy to shop for. He has no major hobbies, but he does have a stocking hanging on the mantel, and that means it needs to get stuffed with something! 

  • Altitude Snacks are perfect for stuffing in pockets, golf bags, ski pants or wherever a dad may need a little extra snack.  Premium ingredients that are sulfite and preservative free, makes snack mixes from Altitude Snack Company a Steamboat favorite. 
  • Steamboat Coffee Company has a variety of different blends and I think I could stuff a bag of these locally roasted beans in a stocking! Dads love coffee!
  • Perfect with that coffee, The Butler Did It Macaroons are crafted locally and were featured at the 18th annual Hollywood Film Awards and the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, so they gotta be good!
  • Yampa Valley Sauce Company makes the best hot sauce that will go perfect on dad’s favorite burritos and tacos. This sauce is sure to spice up his new year!

I could make a local gift basket with these gems too. Maybe for out of town friends that need a little bit of mountain love this year. I could easily pack these goodies into a shippable container and mail out a taste of Steamboat Springs. Local gift baskets are always a unique and fun gift for people on my list that are hard to buy for. 

Supporting a local business…check!

Stocking stuffers done…check!

A few sweet treats for myself…check!

Now off to enjoy some snow, family time and holiday spirit! Wishing you the same!

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