WildPlum Becomes First Retailer to Carry New Local Yampa Valley Ice Cream

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Anytime is a good time for an ice cream treat! Family owned, WildPlum market in Steamboat Springs, is bringing a new, locally-made, hand scooped ice cream from Yampa Valley Ice Cream Company to its guests, year-round.

Yampa Valley Ice Cream Company was founded in 2019. The business focuses on using locally-produced eggs and other ingredients in their unique flavor varieties.

The company’s signature local flavor, Big Iron Coffee Crunch, uses locally-roasted Big Iron Coffee, and won first place in 2019’s Yampa Valley Farm-to-Table Ice Cream Competition, hosted by local farm, 41North.

“Supporting local businesses is a priority for Yampa Valley Ice Cream,” said Jay Hirschfeld, partner and co-founder. “Every new flavor we create is potentially another way to support another local food producer in our community.”

WildPlum supports local businesses by carrying a variety of locally-handcrafted goods ranging from soaps and beer to honey and lotions. Adding Yampa Valley Ice Cream to the WildPlum Eatery was the perfect addition to the grocer’s local line-up.

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